The Ida Bay Railway Preservation Society Inc is a volunteer-run, community-based not-for-profit organisation formed especially to save this heritage railway. 

We are a group of committed volunteers passionate about our vision for this unique, heritage-listed railway. We believe it can and should be restored to its former glory, and run by and for the community. We hope to engage the broader community in the project of bringing our treasured railway back to life.

Members of the Society have a diverse range of skills and considerable experience in supporting the Ida Bay Railway site, its operation and management. As members of the society’s predecessor, Friends of Ida Bay Historical Society, the group made a substantial effort to keep the railway on track over many years. Work included reconstruction and repair of buildings and infrastructure, maintenance of track and rolling stock, cleaning and visitor services, historical documentation, train driving, tour guiding, fundraising, purchasing materials, maintaining community relations, and government advocacy. 

The society is an incorporated not-for-profit enterprise, and all revenue from the activities associated with the site will be directed back into the restoration and conservation of the railway.

Our vision:

To engage people in the preservation of the Ida Bay Railway for present and future generations.


To preserve, restore and operate the Ida Bay Railway in a safe and sustainable manner to promote understanding and appreciation of this publicly owned heritage railway and to support the Far South and Tasmanian communities by providing an outstanding railway experience for residents and visitors.


  1. To preserve and restore the narrow gauge railway known as the Ida Bay Railway.
  2. To support the community, local business and employment by keeping the Railway in operation as a major tourist attraction, whilst maintaining the historical integrity of the railway.
  3. To record, conserve, restore and acquire Ida Bay Railway related artefacts, sites and infrastructure.
  4. To develop and display the collection of archival and historical items related to the railway.
  5. To document and research the history of the railway, its people and community in the Far South region.
  6. To engage with and seek assistance and support from the network of historic rail organisations across Tasmania and interstate.
  7. To engage with and seek assistance and support from organisations promoting tourism and sustainable development in the Far South and across Tasmania.
  8. To support the cohesion and wellbeing of members of the Society by maintaining communication, sharing off-site activities and interests and ensuring the time, effort and resources provided by members is appreciated.
  9. To provide support, encouragement and opportunities for personal development to members and volunteers working for the benefit of the railway.
  10. To provide all members and volunteers with a safe, cooperative and rewarding experience when working for the benefit of the railway.
  11. To raise funds and seek that all income from operating the railway and associated activities is to be directed to the achievement of the Mission.

The Committee

President – Mick Williams 

Steering Committee Member – James Shugg 

Steering Committee Member – David Hanlon 

Steering Committee Member – Dave Collins